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A little  About  Me 

Throughout my different roles as a designer, career advisor & digital consultant I have been able to develop
my skills as a creative, motivated, and innovative thinker.

In the UX/UI department - I have strategized, designed, and implemented a few business websites. I am an experienced Digital Manager & Consultant - my roles entailed Graphic Design, Email Assistance, Strategy, Technical Difficulties, etc.

Additionally, I have professional experience interviewing, public speaking, coordinating, career advising, recruiting, presentations, designing, event planning, and more. While working as part of a team I have been in many management & collaborative roles.

I try to combine my positive energy with a productive work environment. I enjoy working in roles where I can combine my skills, in order to bring the best I can to the company I am lucky enough to be a part of. As a person I am and always have been eager to learn more and work as hard as I can to grow and improve in everything I do. 

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