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Families have so many day-to-day tasks that become so difficult to handle due to a lack of communication!

All the family members are so busy on their phones distracted by the high technology brings.

to make planning fun again & bring the family closer than ever before in innovative ways!
Set  Goals that are specific, measurable, achievable,
relevant, and time-oriented. Simplify the planning and make it user friendly 

A Social Media family PLANNER App | TEAM project 

The Problem



The App is Designed 

Clickable:  Chores / Prizes/ Recommend / Groceries / Weekends

Family Wonderland

Stay Connected

A way to                          through the power of technology

Set daily & weekly

chores - Get Points 

Use Points to
Receive prizes


Make Family Shopping
easier & smarter

Plan family
weekends by voting


Share with the family
though categorized lists

for more

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 17.27.37.png

Build you up

In-house construction site: a way for construction workers to work together via web & app, 

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