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A Construction in house WEBSITE solo product designer

Each team member at BuildYouUp will have their own personal profile. The top menu includes all the details that bring users back every day. Begin with clocking in, calendar view, task history,
and order their complimentary meal of the day.  
The Mobile | The Desktop.  (None Clicible)

The user sees the most important factor first, which is what is happening on the different sites today.

Construction workers are constantly in communication throughout the day so the chat feature is extremely helpful and promotes everyday use.

Sketches play a massive role. The option of accessing them on the phone easily is a game-changer.

A place for any noteworthy news/ articles /company events/ gifts and more.

Build You Up

The Desktop version provides much of the same however has a few more elements involved.
The agenda section is much more dynamic on the desktop and allows more editing options etc.

There is a separate section for employee of the month etc. The goal was to keep the phone 

web version and the web are extremely similar so that the workers on site can view all the 

necessary elements right from their phones. 

for more

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Family Wonderland

A Family Planner App: a social Media App designed to help with planning and more for the immediate family.

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